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Custom Cleats was founded nearly 20 years ago in New York by former minor league baseball player Anthony Ambrosini. Custom Cleats pioneered a proprietary method of converting any sneaker into any cleat to enable athletes at all levels to express themselves through their footwear in unique and trendsetting ways on the playing field. For the past two decades, Custom Cleats has converted thousands of sneakers into cleats for baseball, football, golf, softball, lacrosse, and soccer. Today, hundreds of professional athletes call on Custom Cleats for their cleat conversion needs. Our Company takes great pride in every conversion – whether for a professional athlete, a beer-league softball player, a Saturday golfer, or a little league slugger.

Custom Cleats and Mr. Ambrosini have been featured in the likes of The New York Times, Forbes, MLB Network's "Intentional Talk", Yahoo, Sole Collector, Sneaker Reporter, and Canada's Sportsnet.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher and current Custom Cleats investor Jeremy Guthrie became one of Custom Cleat's first professional athlete customers nearly a decade ago when he took the mound wearing various pairs of his iconic sneakers converted into high-performance cleats, helping lead the way for professional athletes to express themselves – while actually competing in the field of battle. During his decade-long MLB career as a starting pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles, Jeremy was an American League Rookie of the Year candidate in 2007, pitched for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic in 2009, started games 3 and 7 of the 2014 World Series, and won a World Series ring in 2015. He also holds the Royals’ franchise record for consecutive starts without a loss (18).

Jeremy is known as much for his “shoe game” as he is for his exploits on the pitching mound. One of the “OG Sneakerheads” amongst professional athletes, Jeremy was at the forefront of helping to merge sport and sneaker culture during his career. Jeremy and his renowned sneaker vault – which includes several Custom Cleats converts – were featured in the documentary Sneakerheadz, which premiered at the iconic South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas in 2015.

Now, as a Custom Cleats investor, Jeremy continues to foster and merge his love for sneaker expression and sport. “After retiring from MLB, I wanted to find something to re-direct my passion and competitiveness, and with Custom Cleats I have discovered that. Ever since growing up in Oregon in the shadow of iconic shoe companies, sneakers have been part of who I am and how I express myself. The beauty of – and unique thing about – Custom Cleats is that we enable athletes to express themselves with their footwear while actually competing. And that applies equally to young athletes competing under the high school ‘Friday night lights’ and the little league fields on Saturday morning, to the greatest athletes in the world competing in the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the Masters. I love enabling athletes of all ages and levels to compete in style.”

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