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"I have researched many of the new technological advances used to create products that are safe, durable, and stylish for the top athletes in the world. Custom Cleats Inc. has found the answer to uncomfortable, uninspiring cleats."

- Anthony, Founder/President of Custom Cleats

Anthony Ambrosini, the founder and owner of Custom Cleats Inc. loves baseball and sneakers. 


As is common amongst all great businesses, Custom Cleats Inc. was created as a solution to a problem. Following a stress fracture in his foot, Anthony's brother was unable to play baseball because of the pain he felt while wearing baseball spikes. His brother found that traditional sneakers provided him the comfort and support he needed to play pain free so Anthony began to work on a pair of sneaker conversions that would allow his brother to play the game he loved. His desire to find a solution helped his brother continue his baseball career and led to the creation of Custom Cleats Inc. Anthony has pioneered a method to convert any sneaker into any cleat. This unique process creates a wearable and comfortable cleat while also bringing personal style onto the field. 

Everyone who has played sports knows that it's an ongoing battle to stay healthy because of the demands of sports on the body. Anthony has researched and created products to help keep today's athletes healthy and looking good. Companies continue to develop safe and stylish equipment but there is a glaring omission when it comes to footwear amongst cleated athletes. We are part of the new generation of athletes that want to have the utmost in comfort and style. Custom Cleats Inc. provides a method that is durable, effective, and representative of one's unique style. The feel of one of our conversions will blow your mind. Gone are the days of narrow, rock-hard cleats in traditional black and white colors. 

Custom Cleats Inc. does not compete with the larger sneaker companies for business but adds versatility that larger companies are unable to provide. Custom Cleats is a solution driven business that provides a much needed and desired service to today's athlete. We look forward to serving you.

Anthony Ambrosini

Founder, President, CEO


Anthony was born and raised in Holbrook, NY. He played professional baseball in the Montreal Expos organization from 2001-2004. He hand crafted founded Custom Cleats Inc. in 2005

Guthrie Foams.jpg
Jeremy Guthrie


Known by many as one of the "OG Sneakerheads" in professional baseball, Jeremy was at the forefront of helping merge sport and sneaker culture during his 13-year career. As a customer of Custom Cleats, he was able to take his love of sneakers to the diamond in memorable ways and he helped lead the charge of self-expression seen in Major League Baseball through footwear.

Following retirement, Jeremy invested in Custom Cleats as a way to continue to foster his love of sneakers and  stay connected to the great game of baseball and the rising generation of players.

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